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In an animated simulation video, a three-lane road has a queue of congestion, while an alert ambulance at the rear needs to rush patients forward. In order for the ambulance to pass through the congested road as soon as possible, all the vehicles turned sideways to their left and right corners, giving the ambulance a narrow \"life path \".


45 degrees make way to brush screen, is it really feasible? What about the solid line? Reporters from the traffic police and fire, emergency departments learned that this law is not only feasible, but also in Hangzhou more than once the real stage.


Traffic police officials said they were obliged to let people drive on the road when emergency vehicles (such as ambulances, fire engines, police cars, etc.) were alerted to the rear. There isn't a single authoritative statement that drivers can operate according to the actual situation,\" for example, on elevated roads or highways, if there are congestion in the queue and there are emergency vehicles in the rear that need to pass through, we should try to put the car on either side of the road and give way to life in the middle,\" he said.


Therefore, the \"45 degree road law \"is theoretically feasible, only in the actual situation, all vehicles need to work together. \"The road is not just a small car, but also a large truck, bus, the length of the body is different, and if the vehicle is not well matched, or the driver's own operation error, there may be other scratching accidents in the course of making way.


Traffic police said: in emergency situations, life first,\" if in the case of highway, elevated road congestion, emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks and police cars to make way for traffic violations, in the case of proof, no points will be deducted.\"


It happened on the 23rd of last month, when Hangzhou Fire Yuhang Town squadron received a dispatch - Yuhang Street East and West Avenue, less than the roadside of Wenerxi Road, a new energy electric vehicle spontaneous combustion accident. After receiving the police, Yuhang Town squadron dispatched two vehicles,14 people rushed to the scene to deal with.


The road to the scene of the incident was congested at the early rush hour. In particular, less than 500 meters away from the scene of the incident, the large flow of traffic made the fire engine cannot go smoothly. The firefighters in the fire engine were in a great hurry as they watched the smoke coming from the scene of the incident not far away.


Just then, some of the vehicles in the traffic began actively leaning on either side of the road to give way to the fire engine. A traffic police also arrived in time to direct the vehicle to move to both sides to clear the road for the fire engine. With the cooperation of the traffic police and the drivers of the scene, the fire engine finally arrived at the scene smoothly and put out the fire in time.


In order to let the drivers praise, the fire department urged the majority of drivers friends such as road fire engines, ambulance, police cars and other special vehicles are carrying out emergency tasks, in order to ensure the safety of the premise to let them first, for life.


He is the first people's hospital in Hangzhou, the driver of the first aid point, usually the main job is to drive an ambulance, in case of emergency patients will help doctors rescue. He has been driving here since 2009, when the city set up an emergency spot. Before that, he had driven a bus and worked as a car master. In short, he had dealt with all kinds of cars. That year, he was the only one who stood out from more than 300 people.


Master Shen's night shift was from 6 p.m. the previous day to 8 a.m. the following morning. Last night this morning, he drove seven times, less, more than ten times. On the Internet,\"45 degrees make way \"brush screen, Shen Shifu also noticed. As an experienced person, Master Shen still quite feeling -


\"To be honest, there's still a big difference between driving an ambulance and other cars. In the face of critical patients, the demand for our drivers is fast, smooth, but also have to have a map, including a lot of small streets, to save time and cost. said Master Shen.


As for the``45-degree method'' , Shifu Shen thought it was completely operable. He also met it. ``At 50 meters in front of the ambulance, there was a car heard a sound. The car had a bias, not exactly 45 degrees, but it did. The latter cars will follow, and we can pass through more smoothly. This requires all of us to work together. To tell you the truth, the car that took the lane was also there, and we were very helpless. ``Master Shen said, they often pass through the Zhonghe elevated, the times of elevated is most easily congested, as long as it is not blocking still, can slow traffic, can operate 45 degrees to make way method.


On the road, master shen felt the change – and over the years, the quality of everyone has improved, and the number of drivers who have given way to the ambulance has become more and more active. Our vehicles can also walk the middle line, and there are a lot of such news in the media. I think whoever sees an ambulance, or hears an ambulance, should have the sense to pull over or pull over. We are transporting first aid patients, after all, a life channel to save lives!


Police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles may use alarms and signs and lamps when performing emergency tasks.


Where there is evidence in the records of the traffic technology monitoring equipment or in the information of the illegal acts entered into the information management system for the illegal activities of the road traffic information that the rescue or emergency risk avoidance has resulted in, it shall be eliminated. If finally still received the punishment notice, the owner can go to the traffic police department to complain, the traffic police department will give priority to check and verify, the first time to write off.