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\"It's hard to grab tickets in the Spring Festival\" is a topic we talk about once a year. Some friends brushed for two days, only to grab a hard seat ticket for an ordinary train; some friends were even worse, and had not yet grabbed the ticket and were ready to buy a \"sky-high\" ticket to go home; not to mention that 12306 had collapsed N times because of too many people snatching tickets. Even \"collapse\" hot search.


It's difficult to get tickets, so it's the market of all kinds of ticket snatching software, but are these apps really useful? Tako asked a few friends who had paid for the \"ticket rush package\" and got almost the same feedback: it wasn't as good as their own hands! It is understood that this is because 12306 began to clear the channel of ticket-grabbing software, because behind these \"accelerated package\" is full of routine.


First of all, whether or not you want to spend extra money to \"speed up the ticket grab \", the ticket grab app will default to your\" speed up package \". Taking the high-speed rail housekeeper app as an example, Tako chose a ticket to enter the order page and found that the default payment was to pay an extra $40 for the \"speed of light\" ticket, while the original ticket purchase channel showed in a very small gray print that the wrong money would have gone out if it hadn't been looked at carefully.


Do you think there's no other paying service \"trap\" for you to step in besides the ticket rush? Naive! Travel coupons, hotel coupons are still very defensive.


Although the platform also offers \"regular booking\" channels that don't cost much, such a small font is hard to notice. Young people are used to the online routine, may not be so easy to recruit, but middle-aged and elderly consumers are not so easy to avoid.


If you're a small, clever ghost, and witty enough to bypass these two pitfalls, what's next for you? It's \"threatening\" information bombing! In every step of the way, the app will present a variety of messages to warn you: your success rate is extremely low, less than 10%; a total of 80,000 people are rushing the train, you are likely to lose the ticket.


Of course, these ticket grab app also know to hit a stick to give a sweet jujube, after many times \"warning\" after you, will change tone to say to you: you buy ticket snatching acceleration bag, if still did not get in the end, the money will also return to you, and will compensate you 30 yuan more!


Some friends may say: I have used more app to go, this kind of small trick not to me, I will never get more money for the ticket app! But another way of thinking, if the app really met such a \"difficult\" users, will give up cutting leeks? No, they will only change the way: not willing to spend more money, can, then to help me make more money!


Normally, it will tell you that \"good friends can improve the success rate of ticket snatching \", and even more excessively, it will let users see ads to speed up, look at this year's high-speed rail housekeeper app routine, read eight ads, and get eight accelerations.


But let's think carefully, is the so-called \"speed-up\" really effective? The principle behind the app is to constantly use the machine to read the data interface of 12306 to buy tickets, the machine is faster than the speed of people, once the ticket is successful, the ticket can be allocated to the users of app, so can get the ticket, or have to see the remaining 12306 tickets.


The app can only choose which user to give priority to when it gets the ticket, but it can't guarantee that it will, and now 12306 officials have provided the \"alternate order\" function, but also blocked a large number of ticket snatching software,\" accelerated package \"is even less useful.


What should we do if we don't get the ticket all the time? In fact, Tako believes that during the Spring Festival travel short-distance transportation, high-speed rail is better than carpool, carpool than self-driving. You should know that during the Spring Festival, high-speed free, and now on the highway etc popularization rate is quite high, the risk of traffic jam greatly reduced, careful calculation can save a lot of money, luggage is more convenient.


As the heavyweight model of Kia focusing on the Chinese market, the new generation of K3 has a new look and adopted Kia's new \"Design KIA\" design style; the 2700mm wheelbase is more spacious than the same class model space.


In addition, the new generation of Kia K3 pays considerable attention to the actual needs of post-90s young consumers, with a wide range of convenient configuration and intelligent driving features, such as smart keys, one-click start-up, DRIVEWISE intelligent auxiliary systems, etc. The new edition is also equipped with Baidu intelligent Internet voice control system, dual-area automatic air conditioning, electronic handbrake, automatic parking and so on.

全新一代起亚K3的在售车型有“发动机 IVT变速箱”和“发动机 7DCT变速箱”两套动力总成,均基于SmartstreamIVT架构打造。这款车最有竞争力的一点,则是它的油耗表现,百公里综合工况油耗低至,在同级燃油车中或许找不到比起亚K3更省油的产品了。

The new Kia K3 model has two powertrains, the Engine IVT Gearbox and the Engine 7DCT Gearbox, built based on the Smartstream IVT architecture. One of the most competitive aspects of the car is its fuel consumption performance, which is as low as 100 km of combined fuel consumption.


Nostalgia is a small ticket, we are in this end, hometown in that end, there is also across the Spring Festival ticket snatching difficulties and app. ....。 Buy a ticket home to keep an eye on, don't be "cut leek" by app, certainly have a car a family to drive better. Most importantly, no matter how you choose to go home, you can have a good year!